The Graduate Institute of Public Policy, focusing on domestic and international affairs, aims to have some control over the current directions of our times, through training of public policy professionals in different fields. Those who have completed the programs and done some related research and have been able to join local government agencies, non-government organizations and academic institutions.

The educational objectives of Graduate Institute are to cultivate students own global view and international experiences, use technological information and local resources, foster diverse professional knowledge of policy studies, develop social concern as well as practical skills, and promote the outstanding talents of government agencies, non-government organizations and academic institutions.

Emphasizing both theory and practice the graduate institute has carefully planned its courses. “Cross-boundary Government” and “Education and Social Development” are main policy fields. The graduates are invited to give presentations and seminar courses to allow them have the opportunity to brainstorm and upgrade the quality of practical policy matters as well as their creative academic thinking.

Taiwan has the need for a great number of public policy workers who are capable of meeting challenges. Metro Taichung—the central city of Taiwan—has experienced a shortage of qualified public policy professionals. As one of the important institutes in this area, we, inevitably, are responsible not only for improvements in academic achievements, but also for the cultivation of excellent graduates with the capability for higher public policy analysis, planning and management for Taichung and our nation.